Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rajen On Money

Rajen On Money

Hi! Does it ever seem that everyone, except you, has loads of cash?

Well, now there appears to be serious proof which supports that view!

An intriguing article on Bloomberg, which you can access here, explains why a serious glut in the world's money supply is likely to lead to either asset inflation - because more and more cash will be chasing about the same number of assets - or to rising interest rates - as central banks around the world try to combat inflation.

This is an important piece of information to digest for personal reference, but if your main concerns are really to:

1. Understand money better;
2. Manage cash flow better;
3. Save money; or
4. Eradicate personal debt...

... then you might find these articles of greater immediate value to you:

1. Understand money better - What Is Money?
2. Manage cash flow better - What Is A Cash Flow Statement?
3. Save money - How To Start Saving Money
4. Eradicate personal debt - Escaping Debt Slavery

Happy reading, thinking, researching and, ultimately, improving your financial life.

Take care.

Warmest regards,


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Rajen Devadason is CEO of RD Book Projects and its sister company RD WealthCreation Sdn Bhd. He lives in sunny, peaceful Malaysia with his gorgeous wife Rachel. He's a Malaysian Securities Commission-licensed financial planner, a life planning consultant, a professional speaker and a serial author... which probably explains why he's so exhausted! Some of his books are available here, and, if you're interested, here are some quotations he reckons are accurate, bold or cool.


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