Monday, August 28, 2006

Investment Risk - Company Risk

Investment Risk - Company Risk

Hi! Have you ever thought of owning your very own company? Thankfully, in the market-driven capitalist nations of the world (where most readers of this blog live), you don't need to start your own corporation to be a part owner of a viable company...

That's obviously great news. But beware, there is one rather LARGE downside:

Capitalism operates on the principle of creative destruction, which is closely tied to a non-biological version of Darwin's 'survival of the fittest' premise.

This means that when you begin any selection process of companies to invest in for long-term economic growth, my advice would be to take your time!

Otherwise, you leave yourself wide open to a type of investment risk called company risk. If you would like to learn more about this subject, then you're welcome to read an article I've written on the subject entitled Investment Risk - Company Risk.

Also, if your interest in the subject of investment risk runs much deeper than just wanting to learn about one narrow facet of it, you're warmly welcome to sign up for a FREE month-long eCourse ! It comprises 16 lessons that will be emailed to you at 2-day intervals, and will rapidly teach you the basic concepts of investment risk and 15 different specific forms of investment risk.

You may sign up here for this unique freebie entitled Understanding Investment Risk & Profiting From It!

I hope you enjoy both the article and the eCourse.

Take care.

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After years of thinking about it, I've finally launched a 'lite' version of my elite life planning consulting package. This shorter, online-based version lasts a whole three months, and focuses on the three core life planning areas of personal finance, goal-setting and time management.

The price of this 13-week email- and online-based consulting package is less than one-ninth of my regular consulting rates.

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Warning: This service is NOT for everyone.

Please only write to me about it if you are 100% serious about joining this programme.

Thanks. Stay well.

Rajen Devadason is CEO of RD Book Projects and its sister company RD WealthCreation Sdn Bhd. He lives in sunny, peaceful Malaysia with his gorgeous wife Rachel. He's a Malaysian Securities Commission-licensed financial planner, a life planning consultant, a professional speaker and a serial author... which probably explains why he's so exhausted! Some of his books are available here, and, if you're interested, here are some quotations he reckons are accurate, bold or cool.


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