Sunday, February 24, 2008

Which of my articles were most helpful to you? Why?

Which of my articles were most helpful to you? Why?

Hi! In case you don't know, my name is Rajen Devadason and most of the people who reach this page of my blog are longtime readers of my FREE articles. If you aren't one of them and don't know how to access my articles on financial planning, goal-setting and time management, yet actually want to, then you're welcome to do so here.

Read those that interest you the most and leave a clear comment, please, on how they have helped you. Future readers will then benefit from your investment in time and self-directed learning. Perhaps even more importantly you will benefit today.

Thanks for dropping by. Happy reading!

Finally, if you'd like to know a little bit about me and my consulting services, here's my bio. Ciao!

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Rajen Devadason is CEO of RD Book Projects and its sister company RD WealthCreation Sdn Bhd. He lives in sunny, peaceful Malaysia with his gorgeous wife Rachel. He's a Malaysian Securities Commission-licensed financial planner, a life planning consultant, a professional speaker and a serial author... which probably explains why he's so exhausted! Some of his books are available here, and, if you're interested, here are some quotations he reckons are accurate, bold or cool.