Thursday, March 16, 2006

Consider this insightful quotation by Blaise Pascal

Consider this insightful quotation by Blaise Pascal

Hi! Blaise Pascal is a name that's known to most people who care about the origins of science and higher mathematics. He was a child prodigy who continued to unearth the secrets of the universe well into adulthood. Tragically, this genius of the highest order died way too young.

He was 39.

If you'd like to know more about him, there's a great write-up on his life here. The reason I'm writing about him now is a cool quotation by him that I figured would be really useful for visitors to both this blog and my free articles site who are interested in how to go about setting goals that end up meaning something in the long run.

You're welcome to check out the quote here, but be warned it is rather cryptic. I suggest you read what Pascal had to say, consider my brief commentary, and then zero-in on goal-setting resources that will help you define a clear goal of lasting value.

I wish you well.

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