Monday, March 06, 2006

Free Tips for Time Management

Free Tips for Time Management

Hi! I thought you might be interested in learning about some Free Tips for Time Management.

The ability to manage our time well is tantamount to managing our entire lives well. Think about it:

Would you consider yourself super-rich if you had $40,000? Probably not. That's simply because 40,000 isn't really that big a number.

What if I gave you a day to complete a major project? You'd probably complain, saying a day isn't very long. And you'd be right.

Do you realise that your entire life on Earth is likely to be shorter than 40,000 days? Because only 'grown ups' are likely to be reading The Cool Time and Money Blog, that means we have a lot less than those 40,000 days left - perhaps only 25,000 or 10,000 or just 5,000. God alone knows, but we do have the ability to take proactive steps to learn how to manage whatever time we have left on Earth well... hopefully very well.

All the best.

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Rajen Devadason is CEO of RD Book Projects and its sister company RD WealthCreation Sdn Bhd. He lives in sunny, peaceful Malaysia with his gorgeous wife Rachel. He's a Malaysian Securities Commission-licensed financial planner, a life planning consultant, a professional speaker and a serial author... which probably explains why he's so exhausted! Some of his books are available here.


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