Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Were You Overjoyed or Overwhelmed by the Jan 22nd 2008 Global Meltdown in Equities?

Were You Overjoyed or Overwhelmed by the Jan 22nd 2008 Global Meltdown in Equities?

Hi! On January 22nd, stock markets around the world collapsed on rising fears that an impending US recession was going to throw the entire global economy into a tailspin.

Then, the US Fed came to the rescue with Chairman Ben Bernanke okaying a 75 basis point (0.75%) interest rate cut. As I write this on January 23rd the recovery in stock prices all over our planet seems to be measured but discernible.

So, my question for you is simple: In the midst of the tremendous drop in stock prices and the resultant evaporation of billions of dollars of equity values in every country affected, how did YOU feel?

Were you...

1. Oblivious because the stock market has nothing at all to do with your life?

2. Petrified because you saw your wealth take a steep nosedive?

3. Overjoyed because you saw the drop as an opportunity to nibble selectively on stocks or funds that you've been accumulating over the long haul?

Please let me - and all others who read this blog - know how you felt and why you felt that way by leaving a comment with your answer.

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Bye for now.

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